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Orion Colony [RP Forum and Info HUD]

Post by Grim on Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:44 am

Getting to know the neighborhood.

The seven colonies built by the humans of Earth-453 were designed to be in their own rights mirror images of their mother planet. Each colony held a vast selection of environments and locations that were built to emulate the conditions on Earth. In many ways, the humans living on the colonies seemed to be more satisfied with the controlled atmosphere of the colonies compared to the unpredictable natural conditions on Earth.

At there core, each colony was built with a Zero Point Energy Reactor. These reactors are designed to harness and strip energy from the lowest quantum level. Which means in laymen terms, nobody has to pay the electric bill ever!!!! Though dear readers, there is a maintenance fee somewhere down the line every thousand some years. These Zero Point Energy Reactors allow the colonies to be self sufficient, and expand on the technological advancement of the humans of Earth-453.      

Each aspect of Earth is simulated into these colonies, meaning every single tree, mountain and drop of rain is perfectly copied for each colony. From a simple touch to a drink of water. Your senses play tricks on you in the vast open world that are the colonies. For most humans, these simple touches are what truly keeps alive the thoughts that Earth is not truly gone. For those lucky few humans of Earth-453, life continues on the colonies and so does it for those who have been recruited to fight to take their home back.

Colony life is a good one indeed. The beings living among each other enjoy several comforts. Shopping centers, movie theaters, libraries, parks, beaches, wide open country, and a chance to still have some form of life outside of their journey into the unknown. Besides all of these charming qualities, life is pretty simple. Until of course you are assigned to take on some strange, unique mission...

Key Locations

The Main Hub
((Terra Prime))

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Orion Space Port
( Space port))

The largest, and most spectacular of all spots among the colonies. Large enough to hold a planet size legion of ships, and then some.

The Facility
( Desert)

A desolateness, long forgotten research complex where if you screw up really bad, your sent here.

Shores of Orion

One of the more happier,sunnier, more charming little spots in the colony. Here is a pleasant place where beings all alike in the colony come for some rell deserved r and r.

The Infinity sea

As large as the Atlantic and pacific combined. Making this sea an endless exploration with a impossible amount of hidden secrets.

Frozen Tundra
(( mountains))

A more recluse, hidden spot in the colony. Here there is constant snow fall, ever gigantic peaks, and also a few dangers alive and forgotten.

The Grand Tree

Once planted as a seed as a memorial for all those lost on earth. The Grand Tree has grown and around it produced a forest. That when approached with a heavy heart can help aid, and heal wounds deeper then any medical beam could reach.

The Hidden Vale
(( Sky Base))

Command and main staging area for all missions for the Infinite Core. Here duty, and service to the Infinite Core comes first,

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