Earth 7 - Hydrania

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Earth 7 - Hydrania

Post by Grim on Fri Apr 08, 2016 5:49 am

Forty years ago this planet was full of life and mystery. Creatures and plants that was yet to be discovered and understood. Tribal women and villages yet to be revealed to the world. A utopia in a sense that housed multitudes of things that any scientist would have loved to have seen. That as until the multitude of volcanic explosions occurred. The destruction was massive, there was no known survivors and the land and waters were no more...

While the volcanoes were reeking their destruction on Hydrania, a ship had landed to offer a trade. There were survivors from this planet after all, the wild women. Life for service, these uncivilized women were offered. Though they hardly understood the terms, they accepted and had much learning to do.

Over the next forty years the planet was reborn,, thanks to the wld women and the company they worked for, Infinite Core. With the data they had from Hydrania and the knowledge the wild women had they were able to bring back most of the plant life that was once found there. And as the planet began to grow the wildlife seemed to return. How, was questionable and surprising.

New breeds of creature were turning up out of the volcanic remains. Some much larger then anyone working on the project could believe. The waters of Hydrania now were a danger zone and those wishing to cross its waters would be considered mad. The creatures in its depths were unknown and they were monstrous in size and deadly. The wild women dared only once to take on one of these creatures and barely made it back with their lives.

Through the data the researchers were able to collect, they have categorized these creatures and given them names to the best of their abilities.


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