A brief introduction to our plot.

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A brief introduction to our plot.

Post by Grim on Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:53 pm

Birth of  the infinite corp.

It seems like a lifetime ago, and in some respects might as well be. When the now widespread force known as the Infinite Corp was formed. Ironically it began as a simple science experiment in which an advanced race of humans living on a parallel earth began to put a good portion of their work into understanding, and possibly mastering interdimensional travel. In many ways they succeeded in their efforts to control time and dimensional travel, but as irony goes. Curiosity killed the cat.

Now to be clear about the fall of earth. One must first take a look at the colony worlds that they had constructed long ago near earth, and on the outskirts of the Milky Way galaxy. The largest being Orion Colony. These artificial worlds were designed to be testing grounds, and possible refuge in case of catastrophic events occurred on earth. In retrospect, such planning could of been some indication to a foreshadowing of sorts.

The date and time of the incident in question has become obscured and somewhat lost in the Infinite Core’s database.  So from the words of those who can still remember said incident. It was a day like any other on Orion colony. Several new advancements in robotic and cybernetic enhancement were underway, and even a new skyline had been installed. Right in time to see planet earth turn into a big red ball in a matter of moments! No, maybe it wasn’t as quick as it appeared, but indeed Earth had been transformed . It was even strong enough of a shock wave  to the point of  causing not just damage to several key components out in space on colonies, but left several systems offline to the point of almost total system meltdown. To date, it is still unclear what exactly had occurred on earth, but speculation and reports earlier in the day pointed to  a peculiar large influx of energy somewhere in one of the major research facilities.

There seem to be no survivors, or reported life that escape the initial corrosion of earth. At least known to any whom were living on the colonies at the time of the incident. Several inquiries were raised to send down rescue crews, but any real efforts at the time were quickly subdued. What was left of this superior race of humans took to the colonies as last bastions of their society. Soon the colonies themselves began to become more than just simple testing grounds, but home. A new form of life rose from the ashes of imminent extinction. As their people rebuilt, they made a point to master not just their current projects, but one of utter most importance.

The Sentinel program. A spearheaded movement to recruit, and create a force unlike any other whom has become before it. Beings of all kinds. From trillions of different backgrounds and cultures were sought out from all corners of time and space. It was only fitting that it was made a point to recruit them at the end of their lives, or when their own timeline no longer has use to them. In this way, they did not upset the balance of the universe, and at the same time gave them a rebirth into a new life . In time their forces did indeed expand  with every new recruit. Weapons, technology, power, and a battle cry that echo through the far reaches of space. The Infinite Corp, a force that found hope in darkness, and strength from defeat. A doom planet’s lost lead to the birth of an Empire.

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